Monday, September 18, 2006

During Japanese Golden Week Holiday

In the Japanese Golden Week Holiday last year, I went to Monterey, California and played golf at Pebble Beach Golf Links with my friend. Early this year we talked about playing golf overseas this year again, but air ticket was too expensive this year. So we changed our mind to play in Japan and booked Horai & Nishinasuno Country Club on May 4 and 5, staying one night at the lodge.

On the other hand, I had to prepare for trip to Vietnam during Golden Week Holiday. I wrote a lot of music CDs to my laptop. I kept 380 CDs, about 5,000 songs in my laptop at that time. (I didn't listen to so many CDs in Vietnam.) I bought digital camera already. I bought Callaway's travel bag for my caddy bag. During holidays I almost finished to prepare for Vietnam and remaining were cloths and some daily necessity only.

This blog is about my staying in Vietnam from May to July this year, but I'm sorry I'm still in Japan. I will leave Japan for Hanoi maybe next post. Wait for a while. Thank you.


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