Saturday, August 05, 2006

firehills was asked to go to Vietnam

At last I start this blog. Sorry to be late.

I remember that I was asked to go to Vietnam by my boss at the first day on April 3 when I entered my company. "First day", but I had been in this company for 2 years, and I expected my new assignment would be on abroad, so when I was asked to go Vietnam I wasn't surprised to hear that. Anyway, my boss asked me to go Vietnam only for 2 months and go to United States next.

Our company has a newly established factory in Noi Bai Industrial Zone in Hanoi, Vietnam. I go there to help accounting and general administration of the factory. Between 1989 and 1996 during my stay in Hong Kong, I have been to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia for business and just sightseeing, but this is the first time to go to Vietnam. Factory Director is Japanese and 2 more Japanese are from Japan. So I didn't worry about. My biggest concern was whether I would bring my golf bag or not. I didn't know at all about golf courses in Vietnam at that time.


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