Sunday, August 13, 2006

firehills bought a new suitcase

I had used a suitcase for a long time, which I bought in 1989 when I had a new assignment in Hong Kong. This suitcase had traveled from and to Japan, Hong Kong, Sebu Island in Philippines, Bali Island in Indonesia, Singapore and United States for 13 years and the lock was finally out of order. So I gave it up after coming back from United States in 2002. I bought a new one for long business trip to Vietnam. It was relatively large. When I packed it up, it seemed to have more than 20KGS. In Tokyo International Airport, I had no problem even if I had a golf bag as well. Total weight was maybe more than 30KGS. However when I came back from Noibai International Airport, it caused a trouble when I checked in. I can tell you this story later.


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